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Sichuan Keenlion Microwave Technology——Duplexer

Sichuan Keenlion Microwave Technology Founded in 2004, Sichuan Keenlion Mircrowave techenology CO., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of the Passive Mircrowave components in Sichuan Chengdu, China.

We provide high-performance mirrowave components and related services for microwave applications at home and abroad. The products are cost-effective, including various power divider, directional couplers, filters, combiners, duplexers, customized passive components, isolators and circulators. Our products are specially designed for various extreme environments and temperatures. Specifications can be formulated according to customer requirements and are applicable to all standard and popular frequency bands with various bandwidths from DC to 50GHz.


The duplexer is the main accessories of the foreign double workstation and the relay station, which is to separate the transmitting and reception signals, ensuring that the received and transmitting can work properly. It consists of two sets of bandpass filters of different frequencies, avoiding local transmit signals to the receiver.

The duplexer is used to move communication and work in the wild as an unattended Tower, which itself determines its use environment and working conditions.

First, we hope that the duplexer is small, lightweight. At present, due to the volume of the duplexer and other technical issues, the duplexer for handheld radiots has not been reported. But for the space that can be provided in car radiotelers, cars, etc., and there are also wireless telephone wiring and heat dissipation problems, so that in order to meet other technical indicators, the duplexer miniaturization is very necessary.

Second, the duplexer must be easy to install, especially when installing some duplexers and radiots. It should be strong, reliable, compact, should be able to withstand a certain impact and vibration, particularly a wireless telephone for some geographical environment. We know that the current duplexer is mostly distributed parameters to determine the requirements of its operating frequency. If the structure of the duplexer is not adjustable, it is possible to cause the wireless telephone to degrade, even a burning receiver. A little particularly important. Furthermore, it is more useful as a migration station that is more harsh, which requires the duplexer to ensure communication quality within the corresponding operating temperature range. Generally speaking, the duplex should have a clear operating temperature range and have temperature change stability indicators to meet the use requirements of the whole machine.




The typical duplex consists of six strip-resistant filters, each resonant is transmitted and received frequency. The receiving end filter resonates the transmit frequency and prevents the transmit power string receiver, and the transmitting end filter resonates the reception frequency. Some duplexers are not labeled and received only Low and HIGH, such as a doublock Low = 450, high = 460, indicating that the LOW end can join 450 mega receiver HIGH terminal to join 460 megabyte transmitter, or will The LOW end is connected to the 450 megabyte transmitter. The HIGH terminal is connected to the 460 megabyte receiver, and the transmission and reception frequency can be reversed, but the transmit frequency 460 cannot be connected to the duplexer 450 megabytes to avoid damage to the station and the duplexer.




The duplexer should be customized according to the radio transmitting frequency. 400 megabye frequency difference 10 MHz duplexer work bandwidth can ensure that the isolation is about 90 dB, and the single frequency point has a single operating isolation of 120 dB. When the frequency of use exceeds the duplexer raw width, the transmission and reception isolation will increase sharply, and the receiving circuit is not working properly due to the sensitivity of the transmitted portion. The amateur radiographing terminal U section generally receives 5 megabytes Hz, the duplexer used is narrowband design, which ensures that the isolation is not lowered, but the working bandwidth is narrowed, and is 100 kHz. Practice has proved that the use of duplexers is better than using two antenna.




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Post time: Jan-17-2022