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703-748MHZ/758-803MHZ/2496-2690MHZ 3 Way RF Passive Combiner Triplexer

703-748MHZ/758-803MHZ/2496-2690MHZ 3 Way RF Passive Combiner Triplexer

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•Model Number:04KCB-725.5/2593M-01S

Enhanced RF Signal Integration

RoHS Compliant

Optimized Signal Quality

keenlion can provide customize RF Power Combiner,  free samples, MOQ≥1

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3 Way RF Passive Combiner Triplexer Enhanced RF Signal Integration.With our 3-way combiner, you can harness the power of signal integration like never before. Experience seamless connectivity, increase efficiency, and reduce signal loss in a variety of applications. Whether you are configuring an advanced communication system or optimizing a signal distribution network, our products provide the perfect solution for your integration needs

Main Indicators





Frequency Range( MHz )




Insertion Loss(dB)



fluctuation In-band (dB)



Return loss (dB)



≥80 @ 758803MHz
≥90 @ 24962690MHz

≥80 @ 703748MHz
≥90 @ 24962690MHz

≥90 @ 703748MHz
≥90 @ 758803MHz


Peak ≥ 200W, average power ≥ 100W

Surface Finish

Black paint

Port Connectors

SMA -Female


As Below±0.5mm


Outline Drawing

3 Way Combiner (1)

Product Description

 In today's fast-paced world of advanced communication technologies, ensuring reliable and efficient signal transmission has become critical. That's why the experts at Keenlion, a leading factory specializing in passive components, have developed the innovative 3-way combiner. This cutting-edge product is designed to simplify and optimize the signal integration process to effectively meet the changing needs of industries that depend on seamless connectivity.

At Keenlion, we understand the importance of delivering products that not only meet industry standards, but exceed our customers' expectations. That's why our 3-way combiners are crafted with premium materials and precision engineering to ensure durability and superior performance. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, you can trust Keenlion's 3-way combiner to revolutionize the way you integrate signals.

One of the key features that set our 3-way combiners apart is their unrivaled adaptability. This versatile device is designed to process multiple inputs and produce combined outputs, providing unrivaled flexibility for a variety of applications. Whether you're in the telecom, broadcast or wireless communications industry, our 3-way combiners ensure seamless signal integration, maximizing efficiency and minimizing signal loss.

 Keenlion's 3-way combiners are customizable, allowing you to tailor the device to your specific requirements. With the ability to modify parameters such as frequency range, power handling and connector type, you can rest assured that our products will integrate seamlessly into your existing system and provide optimum performance.

 To maintain a harmonious balance between informational content and marketing awareness, our articles are in-depth and provide insight into the applications and benefits of 3-way combiners. By doing this, we provide potential customers with the knowledge they need to make an informed purchasing decision. We believe that well-informed customers are satisfied customers, and our ultimate goal is to build lasting partnerships based on trust and satisfaction.


Don't settle for poor performance or limited flexibility when it comes to signal integration. Choose Keenlion's 3-way combiner and unlock the true potential of your communication system. With our commitment to quality, customization and SEO friendly marketing, we are confident that our products will exceed your expectations.

All in all, Keenlion's 3-way combiner is more than just a passive component; it's a game changer in the world of signal integration. With its high-quality construction, versatile adaptability and custom support, this product offers unrivaled performance and reliability. Choose Keenlion's 3-way combiner and experience the future of signal integration

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