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Band pass filter

Time : 2021-11-10

A band-pass filter works:

An ideal filter should have a completely flat passband, for example, there is no gain in the passband or attenuation at all frequencies outside the passband is completely attenuate In addition, the conversion of the pass-band in a very small frequency range to complete. In fact, there is no ideal band-pass filter. The filter is not able to expect all frequencies outside the frequency range completely attenuate, in particular, there is a band to be attenuated but not isolated range. This is usually referred to as the filter roll-off phenomenon, and attenuation in dB per decade to represent. Typically, the filter design try to ensure that the the rolloff narrow the scope of the better performance of such filter design closer. However, with the roll-off range is getting smaller and smaller, the pass-band is no longer flat – began to appear to “ripple”. This phenomenon is particularly evident in the passband edge, this effect is called the Gibbs phenomenon.

Cavity filter

The cavity filter is a microwave filter with a resonant cavity structure. A cavity can be equivalent to an inductance in parallel with a capacitor to form a resonant stage to realize the microwave filtering function. Compared with other types of microwave filters, the cavity filter has a firm structure, stable and reliable performance, high Q value, good heat dissipation, and its high-end parasitic passband is far away. Therefore, cavity filtering is used in major communication base stations. The application of the device is very common.

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