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RF Microwave Cavity Duplexer&Diplexer

RF microwave duplexer is a three port device used to send and receive RF signals using the same antenna in communication systems. The duplexer works as a circulator for low-power applications. In wireless devices such as smart phones and wireless LANs, the duplexer used in dual band devices is a 3-port filter element duplexer located at the input end of the antenna side, which is used to separate the two bands of the dual band. Several important features are:


1.The RF signal loss between the transmitter and the antenna in the transmission patch is low, and the loss between the antenna and the receiver in the receiver path is low.

2.High isolation of RF signals between transmitter and receiver.

Duplexer design concept:

1.The duplexer is used in the antenna input and output unit, and has the function of classifying or mixing two different frequency signals during transmission and reception. The RF duplexer is a device for bidirectional signal transmission on one path. In radio or radar communication systems, duplexers allow them to share a common antenna while isolating the receiver from the transmitter.

2.RF microwave passive diplexers can be designed using cell elements or micro planar materials.

3.Duplexer design using centralized components: In the design, passive components are used to construct band-pass, low-pass and high pass filters of the duplexer. The duplexer is constructed using two band filters that have different frequency responses but have the same characteristics for the reception and transmission paths. Filter design concepts such as Chebyshev can be used for better isolation between Tx and Rx paths of basic circuits.

Note to duplexer:

1.Used to work in the frequency band used by the receiver and transmitter, it must be able to handle the output power of the transmitter.

2.The transmitter noise occurring at the reception frequency must be sufficiently suppressed and must be designed to operate at or below the frequency interval between the transmitter and the receiver.

3. Sufficient isolation can be provided to prevent desensitization of the receiver.

Application of RF Duplexer in RF Communication System:


Radio communication

Radar antenna multiplexing

Radio repeater

Receiver protector

Si Chuan Keenlion Microwave a large selection of RF Duplexer in narrowband and broadband configurations, covering frequencies from 0.5 to 50 GHz. They are designed to handle from 10 to 30 watts input power in a 50-ohm transmission system. Microstrip or stripline designs are utilized, and optimized for best performance.

We can also customize the RF Duplexer according to your requirements. You can enter the customization page to provide the specifications you need.


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RF Microwave Cavity Duplexer&Diplexer

Post time: Dec-28-2022