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Senet and Helium Announce LoRaWAN Network Integration Partnership

A combined network capable of connecting billions of sensor-based low-power IoT devices across the U.S.

PORTSmouth, N.H. & SAN FRANCISCO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Senet, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based software and services platforms, provides global connectivity and on-demand for the Internet of Things (IoT) Network Build and Helium, the company behind the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless network, today announced a network roaming integration that expands access to public LoRaWAN network connections for customers deploying IoT applications in the US​​​.
The Helium Network, also known as the “People’s Network”, joins a growing number of network operators, radio access network (RAN) partners and network infrastructure providers working with Senet to ensure that the Location access to LoRaWAN connectivity and at optimal cost.Senet operates the first and only national public carrier-grade LoRaWAN network, and with this roaming integration, its customers deploying enterprise and consumer-grade devices can now expand access to public network coverage areas deployed by individuals Over 175,000 helium compatible hotspots available.us.This network access is available from Senet’s Extended Coverage product and powered by Senet’s network management services, providing the highest level of reliability and responsiveness for extended IoT applications.
For Helium-compatible Hotspot owners, this partnership presents an opportunity to increase network traffic generated by high-density IoT applications deployed by Senet customers, such as asset tracking, logistics and supply chain monitoring, environmental monitoring and municipal ( smart city) services.These customers represent more than 1 billion transactions processed annually on the Senet network.Cumulative data transfers and “proof-of-coverage” transactions earn the hotspot owner HNT cryptocurrency their contribution to building and maintaining the Helium network infrastructure.
“Our collaboration with Helium Network demonstrates Senet’s commitment to leading the industry through innovation and partnership,” said Bruce Chatterley, Senet CEO.”Helium creates a unique and complementary business model for deploying LoRaWAN networks, the combination of extended network coverage and the potential economic incentives of HNT puts Senet and Helium networks in a leading position, bringing the market closer to pervasive low power wide area Network coverage of IoT applications across the United States.”
Amir Haleem, CEO and Co-Founder of Helium, said: “Senet’s dominance in the commercial LoRaWAN networking market and experience in deploying large scale IoT solutions is the success we seek as our partners create value for the Helium ecosystem. Paradigm.” “This is exciting news for the industry. Helium blockchain enables roaming integration with Senet and brings together two of the fastest growing LoRaWAN networks in the US for our hotspot owners Offers a significant opportunity to benefit from the rapidly growing IoT services economy.”
Senet operates the largest and most densely deployed public carrier-grade LoRaWAN network in the United States, deployed in more than 29 states, covering more than 1,300 cities, serving more than 55 million people and processing millions of transactions per day.
Helium Network has witnessed rapid growth in Hotspot deployments, from 7,000 in 2020 to over 175,000 in 123 countries worldwide in 2021.There are currently over 500,000 additional Hotspots backorders waiting to go live, and over 50 new manufacturers waiting to be approved to manufacture and sell Helium-compatible hardware.
Senet develops cloud-based software and services for network operators, application developers and system integrators to deploy Internet of Things (IoT) networks on demand.In addition to industrial and commercial applications, Senet has designed smart meter networks for many municipal water utility districts in the United States, representing millions of households.Senet has a multi-year leadership in competing LPWAN technologies, providing technology in more than 80 countries, and owns and operates the largest publicly available LoRaWAN network in the United States.Our disruptive go-to-market model and key technology strengths have helped us become a leading connectivity provider with proven expertise in building and operating global IoT networks.For more information, visit www.senetco.com.
Helium, co-founded by Shawn Fanning and Amir Haleem in 2013, is building the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless network, simplifying how devices connect to the internet by rewarding anyone who becomes a network operator.CEO Amir Haleem has a rich background in AAA video games.Helium is backed by GV (formerly Google Ventures), Khosla Ventures, Union Square Ventures, Multicoin Capital, FirstMark, Marc Benioff, Shawn Fanning and other top VC firms.The network spans more than 15,000 cities around the world.More information can be found at helium.com.

Post time: May-23-2022