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Sichuan Keenlion Microwave Technology

Sichuan Keenlion Microwave Technology Founded in 2004, Sichuan Keenlion Mircrowave techenology CO., Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of the Passive Mircrowave components in Sichuan Chengdu, China.
We provide high-performance mirrowave components and related services for microwave applications at home and abroad. The products are cost-effective, including various power divider, directional couplers, filters, combiners, duplexers, customized passive components, isolators and circulators. Our products are specially designed for various extreme environments and temperatures. Specifications can be formulated according to customer requirements and are applicable to all standard and popular frequency bands with various bandwidths from DC to 50GHz.
Power divider
Power divider is a device that divides one input signal into two or more equal power outputs
structurally divided into two categories:
(1) The main characteristics of passive power divider are: stable operation, simple structure and basically no noise; Its main disadvantage is that the access loss is too large.
(2) Active power divider is composed of amplifier. Its main characteristics are: gain and high isolation. Its main disadvantages are noise, relatively complex structure and relatively poor working stability. The output port of the power divider has two power points, three power points, four power points, six power points, eight power points and twelve power points.
It is a device that divides one input signal energy into two or more channels and outputs equal or unequal energy. In turn, it can synthesize multiple signal energy into one output. At this time, it can also be called combiner. A certain degree of isolation shall be ensured between the output ports of a power divider. According to the output, the power divider is usually divided into one in two (one input and two outputs), one in three (one input and three outputs), etc. the main technical parameters of the power divider are power loss (including insertion loss, distribution loss and reflection loss), voltage standing wave ratio of each port, isolation between power distribution ports, amplitude balance, phase balance, power capacity and bandwidth, etc.
Technical indicators
The technical indexes of power divider include frequency range, bearing power, distribution loss from main circuit to branch, insertion loss between input and output, isolation between branch ports, voltage standing wave ratio of each port, etc.
1. Frequency range: This is the working premise of various RF / microwave circuits. The design structure of power distributor is closely related to the working frequency. The working frequency of the distributor must be defined before the following design can be carried out
2. Bearing power: in the high-power distributor / synthesizer, the maximum power that the circuit element can bear is the core index, which determines what form of transmission line can be used to achieve the design task. Generally, the order of power borne by the transmission line from small to large is microstrip line, stripline, coaxial line, air stripline and air coaxial line. Which line should be selected according to the design task.
3. Distribution loss: the distribution loss from the main circuit to the branch circuit is essentially related to the power distribution ratio of the power distributor. For example, the distribution loss of two equal power dividers is 3dB and that of four equal power dividers is 6dB.
4. Insertion loss: the insertion loss between input and output is caused by the imperfect dielectric or conductor of transmission line (such as microstrip line) and considering the standing wave ratio at the input end.
5. Isolation degree: the isolation degree between branch ports is another important index of power distributor. If the input power from each branch port can only be output from the main port and should not be output from other branches, it requires sufficient isolation between branches.
6. VSWR: the smaller the VSWR of each port, the better.

We can also customize the rf passive components according to your requirements. You can enter the customization page to provide the specifications you need.


Post time: Jan-04-2022