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VSWR full name, also known as VSWR and SWR, Voltage Standing Wave Ratio of English shorthand.

Time : 2021-09-02

Phase of the incident and reflected waves the same place, the voltage amplitude of the maximum voltage amplitude sum Vmax, forming antinodes; incident and reflected waves in opposite phase relative to the local voltage amplitude is reduced to the minimum voltage amplitude Vmin, the formation of the node. Other amplitude value of each point is between antinodes and the node between. This synthetic wave called a row standing. SWR is the standing wave amplitude of the sound pressure at belly Vmax and the node at the ratio of the amplitude of the sound pressure Vmin . In the standing wave tube , the measured VSWR , the sound absorption material can be obtained reflection coefficient and absorption coefficient.

In radio communication, the antenna impedance mismatch with the feeder or the transmitter antenna impedance mismatch, high-frequency energy will produce reflections folded, and the forward part of the standing wave interference occurs confluence. In order to characterize and measure the VSWR characteristics of the antenna system, that is, the antenna of the forward wave and reflected wave is, it established the "SWR" concept,

SWR = R / r = (1 + K) / (1-K)

Reflection coefficient K = (R-r) / (R + r)

(K is a negative value indicates that the opposite phase )

Wherein R and r is the output impedance and the input impedance. When the two values ​​as the impedance, that is perfectly matched , the reflection coefficient K is equal to 0, VSWR is 1. This is an ideal situation, in fact, there is always reflected, so that the standing wave ratio is always greater than 1.

RF system impedance matching. Particular attention to the voltage in Bo Bida to certain requirements, because when you use the broadband frequency range is very wide, standing wave ratio will change with frequency, should make possible a wide range impedance matching.

VSWR meaning: VSWR is a numerical value that represents th

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Voltage Standing Wave Ratio of English shorthand

Post time: Nov-18-2021