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5 Way 880-2400MHZ RF Splitter Power Combiner

5 Way 880-2400MHZ RF Splitter Power Combiner

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•Model Number:04KCB-897.5/2350M-02S

Compatible with multiple devices

Superior power handling

Optimized Signal Quality

keenlion can provide customize RF Combiner,  free samples, MOQ≥1

Any inquiries we are happy to reply, pls send your questions and orders.

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5 Way Power Combiner has compatible with 5 devices.Keenlion, the premier factory for the production of top-notch 5 Way 880-2400MHz RF Combiners. Known for our exceptional product quality, customizable options, and factory-direct pricing

Main Indicators








Frequency Range( MHz )






Insertion LossdB



Ripple in BanddB



Return lossdB



≥80 @ 925960MHz
≥90 @ 19201980MHz
≥90 @ 21102170MHz
≥90 @ 23002400MHz

≥80 @ 880915MHz
≥90 @ 19201980MHz
≥90 @ 21102170MHz
≥90 @ 23002400MHz

≥90 @ 21102170MHz
≥90 @ 880915MHz
≥90 @ 925960MHz
≥90 @ 23002400MHz

≥90 @ 19201980MHz
≥90 @ 880915MHz
≥90 @ 925960MHz
≥90 @ 23002400MHz

≥90 @ 19201980MHz
≥90 @ 880915MHz
≥90 @ 925960MHz
≥90 @ 21102170MHz


Peak value ≥ 200W, average power ≥ 100W

Port Connectors


Surface Finish

black paint

Outline Drawing


Company Profile

Keenlion, the premier factory for the production , we are dedicated to meeting all your requirements.

Uncompromising Product Quality:

At Keenlion, product quality is our utmost priority. We take great pride in manufacturing 5 Way 880-2400MHz RF Combiners that meet the highest industry standards. To ensure exceptional performance, we employ a team of skilled engineers and technicians who utilize state-of-the-art manufacturing processes and cutting-edge technology. Our commitment to quality extends to the selection of premium-grade materials, resulting in RF Combiners that deliver reliable signal combining across the specified frequency range. With Keenlion, you can trust that our products will consistently provide outstanding performance and durability.

Tailored Customization Options:

One of the key advantages of choosing Keenlion is our ability to provide extensive customization options for our 5 Way 880-2400MHz RF Combiners. We understand that every application has unique requirements, and we are fully committed to tailoring our products to meet your specific needs. Our team of experts works closely with you to develop tailored solutions, ensuring optimal compatibility, enhanced performance, and seamless integration into your existing systems. By choosing Keenlion, you gain access to RF Combiners that are designed with your specific requirements in mind.

Competitive Factory Pricing:

Keenlion believes in offering our customers exceptional value for their investment. That's why we are committed to providing competitive factory pricing for our 5 Way 880-2400MHz RF Combiners. By optimizing our sourcing processes and streamlining production, we are able to offer cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality. Our large-scale manufacturing capabilities also enable us to benefit from economies of scale, resulting in significant cost savings that we pass on to our valued customers. By choosing Keenlion, you gain access to high-quality RF Combiners at unbeatable factory-direct prices.

Outstanding Technical Support:

At Keenlion, we prioritize offering exceptional technical support to our customers. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to assisting you throughout the entire customer journey. Whether you have pre-sales inquiries, require technical guidance, or need after-sales support, we go above and beyond to exceed your expectations. We understand the importance of transparent and open communication, and we strive to provide accurate and timely information to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Our goal is to establish long-lasting relationships with our customers, built on trust and mutual success.

Efficient Order Processing:

Keenlion understands the significance of prompt delivery and has implemented an efficient order processing system to ensure customer satisfaction. Our well-defined production and inventory management processes enable us to process and dispatch orders quickly and accurately. We maintain ample stock of 5 Way 880-2400MHz RF Combiners, minimizing lead times and guaranteeing timely delivery to our customers. We take great care in secure packaging to ensure the safe transportation of our products, allowing them to arrive in perfect condition.


Keenlion is your trusted partner for high-quality, customizable 5 Way 880-2400MHz RF Combiners. With our unwavering commitment to product quality, extensive customization options, competitive factory pricing, outstanding technical support, and efficient order processing, we truly stand out as an industry leader. Experience the excellence of Keenlion's RF Combiners today and benefit from the strengths of our factory. Choose Keenlion for all your 5 Way 880-2400MHz RF Combiner needs and unlock extraordinary performance, reliability, and value

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