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863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter for Lora Helium Signal Extender

863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter for Lora Helium Signal Extender

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Compact size

Low noise


keenlion can provide customize Cavity Filter,  free samples, MOQ≥1

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Keenlion, a leading manufacturer of passive components, proudly presents its latest breakthrough innovation, the 863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter. Designed to meet the demanding needs of mobile communication and base station applications, this compact yet powerful filter offers low loss, high suppression, sample availability, and customizable options. Join us as we explore the key features and advantages of this exceptional product from Keenlion.

Main Indicators

Pass Band




Insertion Loss





40dB@833MHz  ≥44dB@903MHz 



Operating Temperature


Port Connector


Surface Finish

Painted black



Dimension Tolerance



Outline Drawing

Cavity Filter

Packaging & Delivery

Selling Units:Single item

Single package size: 9X9X5.6 cm

Single gross weight:1.5.000 kg

Package Type:Export Carton Package

Lead Time:

Quantity(Pieces) 1 - 1 2 - 500 >500
Est. Time(days) 15 40 To be negotiated

Product Highlights

Low Loss: The 863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter boasts minimal insertion loss, ensuring optimal signal strength and integrity throughout communication systems. This leads to improved performance and increased efficiency.

High Suppression: With advanced suppression capabilities, this filter effectively isolates unwanted signals and noise from interfering with the desired frequencies. The high suppression feature guarantees enhanced signal quality and reliable communication.

Compact Design: Keenlion understands the importance of space optimization. The 863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter is carefully crafted to have a small footprint, making it ideal for applications with limited space.

Sample Availability: Keenlion believes in ensuring customer satisfaction. Samples of the 863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter are available, allowing customers to evaluate its performance and compatibility before making a purchase decision.

Customization Options: Keenlion recognizes that each project has unique requirements. The 863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter can be customized to meet specific frequency bands, power levels, and connector types. This flexibility offers customers a tailored solution that perfectly aligns with their needs.

Product Details

I. Low Loss for Enhanced Performance: The 863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter is designed with a focus on minimal insertion loss. By efficiently channeling and transmitting the desired frequencies, this filter ensures optimal performance, leading to improved communication range and reliability.

II. High Suppression for Uninterrupted Signals: With advanced suppression capabilities, unwanted frequencies and noise are effectively isolated, allowing only the desired signals to pass through. This high suppression feature guarantees clear and uninterrupted communication, even in challenging environments.

III. Compact Design, Maximum Efficiency: The compact size of the 863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter makes it a perfect fit for applications with limited space. The thoughtful design ensures efficient space utilization without compromising on performance, enabling seamless integration within various communication systems.

IV. Sample Availability for Confident Decision-Making: To ensure customer satisfaction, Keenlion offers samples of the 863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter. This allows customers to evaluate its performance, compatibility, and suitability for their specific applications, ultimately making an informed purchase decision.

V. Customization Options for Tailored Solutions: At Keenlion, customizability is at the heart of product development. The 863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter can be tailored to meet specific frequency ranges, power levels, and connector requirements. This flexibility enables seamless integration into diverse communication systems.

Application Scenarios

Mobile Communication: The 863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter contributes to improving signal quality and efficient band management in mobile communication systems. It ensures reliable and uninterrupted communication, even in congested network environments.

Base Station Deployments: For base stations, this filter enables effective frequency isolation and management. It ensures that only the desired signals are transmitted, reducing signal interference and optimizing network performance.

Wireless Connectivity: In wireless connectivity applications, the 863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter ensures clear and reliable signal transmission by filtering out unwanted noise and interference. This results in improved connectivity and enhanced user experience.

Conclusion: Keenlion's 863-870MHz Miner AMP Cavity Bandpass Filter offers exceptional performance, low loss, high suppression capabilities, and customizable options. With sample availability, customers can evaluate its compatibility, ensuring a seamless integration process. Unlock the power of superior performance with Keenlion's innovative bandpass filter today.

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