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897.5-2655MHZ RF 4 Way Combiner quadplexer combiner quad band with SMA Female connector

897.5-2655MHZ RF 4 Way Combiner quadplexer combiner quad band with SMA Female connector

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•Model Number:04KCB-897.5/2655M-01S

Enhanced RF Signal Integration

RoHS Compliant

Optimized Signal Quality

keenlion can provide customize RF Power Combiner,  free samples, MOQ≥1

Any inquiries we are happy to reply, pls send your questions and orders.

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Designed and developed by Keenlion's team of experts, the 4-way combiner is more than just a passive component. It represents a major leap forward in signal integration technology, enabling industries worldwide to optimize their communication systems and increase operational efficiency.

One of the key features of the Keenlion 4-way combiner is its unparalleled performance. The device is constructed from the highest quality materials and incorporates cutting-edge technology to ensure efficient signal integration without compromising signal quality. This superior performance ensures seamless communication, thereby enhancing the user experience of various applications.

Main Indicators






Frequency Range( MHz )





Insertion LossdB


Ripple in BanddB


Return lossdB



≥80 @ 925960MHz
≥90 @ 26202690MHz
≥90 @ 25002570MHz

≥80 @ 880915MHz
≥90 @ 26202690MHz
≥90 @ 25002570MHz

≥90 @ 880915MHz
≥90 @ 925960MHz
≥80 @ 26202690MHz

≥90 @ 880915MHz
≥90 @ 925960MHz
≥80 @ 25002570MHz

Power Handling

Peak value ≥ 200W, average power ≥ 100W

Port Connectors


Surface Finish

black paint

Outline Drawing

4 Way Combiner (1)

Company Profile

Keenlion, a pioneer in signal integration technology, introduces its breakthrough 4-way combiner. This state-of-the-art device has proven to be a game-changer in the field of signal integration, delivering unprecedented performance and reliability. With its high-quality construction, versatile adaptability and comprehensive customization support, Keenlion's 4-way combiner will reshape the future of signal integration.

Plus, Keenlion's 4-way combiner embodies unprecedented versatility. Its adaptability to different signal sources enables it to be seamlessly integrated into different communication systems. Whether it's satellite communications, wireless networks or telecom infrastructure, the 4-way combiner is designed to excel in any setup, giving users unrivaled flexibility.

Additionally, Keenlion understands that each industry has different needs and requirements when it comes to signal integration. To address this, the company offers full customization support with its 4-way combiners.  Keenlion's experienced team of professionals work closely with clients to provide individual solutions to their exact specifications. This customer-focused approach ensures that the 4-way combiner integrates seamlessly into existing systems, increasing overall communication efficiency.

By choosing Keenlion's 4-way combiners, businesses and industries can experience the future of signal integration. This innovative device simplifies communications, reduces downtime, and maximizes productivity. With its superior construction and adaptability, the 4-way combiner guarantees reliability, making it an indispensable asset for anyorganization that relies on seamless communication


Boss expressed enthusiasm for the launch of the 4-Way Combiner, saying: "At Keenlion, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of signal integration technology. With our 4-Way Combiner, we are redefining what is possible in this field. Sex. We are proud to offer our customers a game-changing product that will revolutionize their communications systems and elevate their operations to new heights.”

Early adopters of the Keenlion 4-way combiner have reported great success in optimizing their communication networks. Companies in industries as diverse as telecommunications, defense and broadcast appreciate the device's superior performance and unrivaled reliability.

As the world becomes increasingly connected, the need for efficient, seamless communication becomes paramount.  Keenlion's 4-Way Combiner is more than just a passive component; it's a technological marvel that enables industries to thrive in the modern age. With its unrivaled performance, versatility and comprehensive customization support, Keenlion's 4-way combiners are sure to become the cornerstone of signal integration across industries worldwide.

Invest today in Keenlion's 4-way combiner and pave the way for a future of seamless, reliable and efficient communications.

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