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Manufacturer professional designed 1530-1606MHz rf coaxial bandpass band stop filter

Manufacturer professional designed 1530-1606MHz rf coaxial bandpass band stop filter

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•Model Number:04KSF-1568/76M-01S

Blocks unwanted frequency signals

Attenuates specific frequency range

Allows desired frequencies to pass through

keenlion can provide customize RF band stop filter,  free samples, MOQ≥1

Any inquiries we are happy to reply, pls send your questions and orders.

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1530-1606MHz band stop filter blocks unwanted frequency signals. Keenlion offers competitive factory prices for our DC-1500MHz/1650-3500MHz Band Stop Filters, ensuring exceptional value for our customers. By streamlining our production processes and reducing unnecessary costs, we pass on significant savings directly to our clients, making our filters both cost-effective and high-performing.

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Band Stop Filter

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Black Paint

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Band Stop Filter

Company Profile

Keenlion is a leading factory renowned for manufacturing top-quality passive DC-1500MHz/1650-3500MHz Band Stop Filters. Our commitment to delivering superior products, exceptional customization options, and competitive factory prices has established us as the preferred choice for customers worldwide. This article aims to highlight Keenlion's key advantages, focusing on the specific keywords related to DC-1500MHz/1650-3500MHz Band Stop Filters, ensuring they make up 10% of the article's word count.

Uncompromising Product Quality: At Keenlion, we prioritize excellence in product quality. Our DC-1500MHz/1650-3500MHz Band Stop Filters are meticulously crafted using top-grade materials and cutting-edge technology. Each filter undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets and exceeds industry standards. Our dedication to quality ensures optimal performance, reliability, and durability for our customers.

Customization Options: Keenlion understands that every customer has unique requirements. Therefore, we offer extensive customization options for our DC-1500MHz/1650-3500MHz Band Stop Filters. Our team of experts collaborates closely with clients to develop tailored solutions that meet their specific needs. Whether it is adjusting frequency range, bandwidth, or insertion loss, we strive to deliver filters perfectly aligned with our customers' preferences.

Technological Expertise: With extensive experience in the field, Keenlion is proud to possess a team of skilled professionals with comprehensive knowledge of RF technology. Our engineers and technicians stay ahead of industry trends, continuously innovating and refining our DC-1500MHz/1650-3500MHz Band Stop Filters. This expertise enables us to deliver state-of-the-art products that address the complex challenges of RF filtering.

Timely Delivery and Reliable Support: Keenlion understands the importance of timely delivery in today's fast-paced markets. We prioritize prompt order processing and shipping to ensure our customers receive their DC-1500MHz/1650-3500MHz Band Stop Filters in a timely manner. Additionally, our committed customer support team provides round-the-clock assistance, promptly addressing any inquiries or concerns. Our goal is to cultivate long-term partnerships through exceptional service and reliable support.


Keenlion stands out as an unmatched factory specializing in manufacturing high-quality, customized DC-1500MHz/1650-3500MHz Band Stop Filters. Our unwavering commitment to superior product quality, extensive customization options, competitive factory pricing, technological expertise, and reliable support sets us apart from the competition. Contact us today to experience the Keenlion advantage in the world of DC-1500MHz/1650-3500MHz Band Stop Filters.

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